If you know me then you already know how I like to talk about the preservation of the classic American cars and muscle cars, I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to keep these cars on the roads, so we have a presence of them around.

Isn’t it enough that our country is getting inundated by imports, and the fact that people are always saying how much better other countries are building cars then we do, well without Henry Ford none of them would be building cars as we know them today, and if I remember correctly he was an American.

We need a heavy presence of American cars, just to help put way the dull drab looking imports, you know cars that have a little style and character to offer, not just these cookie cutter expensive, yet cheap built imports, how much better is a BMW, Mercedes or any other import then a good old American car.

Buy American people, all I hear is people bitching about the economy, well it seems to me that if we were to buy our own country’s products, it would improve our well being, and that we would have a better economy, we would all be a lot happier, if you buy an American car from an American dealer or an individual, you have done your part to help the economy.

Let’s say that you bought a car from a dealer, he’d have to pay taxes, and that would help the economy, and the car manufacture of American cars would hire Americans to build the cars, and that would also help the economy by keeping the money that the manufacture pays it’s employees in our country, and buying things from American companies, therefore improving the economy.

This brings me to the whole point of this little rant, if we were all to buy an old classic American car and restore it to it’s original glory, we’d be buying parts from American companies and having American businesses restoring those cars, and thereby infusing money back in to the economy, to help build our country’s economy back to it’s stable old self, we all need to think more like this.

David C. Atkin

Author: oacats

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